The Free Floating "Shell Within A Shell" Concept - Understanding Why It Works So Well.

The reason PVC liners (membranes) are so successful for use in cistern tanks is because they are flexible, durable, and compatible with any type of structure whether it is concrete, brick, plaster, fiberglass, aluminum or steel. A RenoSys PVC liner is custom installed on site with trained industry professionals to create a proven, watertight system with total design flexibility.

A membrane of reinforced PVC is hot air welded together inside the vessel completely eliminating leaks along with the need to paint, plaster, caulk, sandblast, scrape or hassle with the old shell's problems. Because the membrane system is completely suspended inside the old shell and does not depend on a bond with the old structure, PVC is unaffected by expansion/contraction and freeze/thaw problems like conventional options. PVC has a non-porous surface making it difficult for algae to adhere thus reducing the amount of seasonal and daily cleanup.

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